How To Have Great Looking Legs Ladies

Great spring weather lately here in the UK meant that the skirts I was wearing started getting shorter and I also became very self conscious of my legs for some strange reason. Even if I say so myself, I think they’re pretty good looking legs, but nevertheless the fact I was letting them breath again after so many cold, wet weeks under leggings gave me some anxiety. So I cast my mind back ten years to some tips I was given to fast track great looking legs. Try applying a lotion that contains caffeine, it tightens your skin and decreases the puffiness. Get a self tan that you can apply at home, this is a quick way to hide bites, bruises and razor burn. Why not go one step further and pay for a professional spray tan, these guys can layer on extra tan to create nice definition on your legs. Add shimmer, your legs will look amazing, all glowing and shimmery. Apply in one sweep from the top of the thigh, to the knee and down to the shin.
Great Legs
Those were applications to your legs but how about the way you dress your legs. The obvious answer is to wear nylons, stockings or tights. Get a pair from that are slightly tanner than your natural skin tone and make sure they have a nice sheen. Wear a pair of “nude heels” (as shown in the photo). When the color of your shoe blends with your skin tone, it creates one long line and when you’re wearing heels your muscles automatically tighten, so your legs and bottom look tighter. Always avoid ankle straps, they cut off your legs, making them appear shorter.


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