Coquette Celebrates 35 Years

I just noticed today that my favourite lingerie manufacturer and where I get all my stockings from is the same age as me, how weird, we’re both 19 ! LOL I wish, actually we’re both 35. Coquette, a Canadian firm recently celebrated their 35th year at The International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas. I do love their huge range of lingerie and leg wear. They used the show to exhibit their new range for 2014 and show off their design techniques. Coquette is an international distributor of lingerie and costumes founded in Canada. Since 1979, the company has delivered high quality collections that entail diversity of styles while captivating a realistic feminine appeal.

Coquette has become the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of lingerie in Canada and has expanded into the international market as a major distributor of intimate apparel, serving over 64 countries. What makes Coquette unique is the diversity of styles featured in its collections that fit any lifestyle, occasion, figure or taste. Coquette is proud to offer delicate and uniquely designed lingerie in its collections, ranging in styles from romantic to risqué. Along with their main collection they have a range of additonal collections which are, Masquerade, Darque, Kissable, Holiday and Spellbound. Even the meaning of the word Coquette describes me, it means….“a woman who flirts girlishly with men to gain their admiration”


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