General Election 2015

I’m quite looking forward to the UK General Election in 2015, I think the dynamics of it will be very interesting. I think we were quite taken aback in 2010 with the formation of the first coalition government for decades but strangely, now, it’s almost as though you’d take it for granted. I think it will be the most difficult general election to call ever. A weak Ed Milliband, the UKIP factor, Lib Dems melting down ? It’s all very exciting. A lot will depend on the upcoming Euro elections and also what happens in the Scottish Independence vote. I’ve voted Conservative all my life and would have done so again if I was only voting on economic competency. However I can’t possibly bring myself to ever vote Conservative again whilst David Cameron is their leader. I’m totally opposed to his internet censorship drive and I am actually qualified to know what I’m talking about on this subject so it makes me wonder what other government initiatives result in stupid policies on matters where I’m not that knowledgeable and I just believe the line I’m being fed. I always thought the Tories were supposed to be bastions of free will, would get off our backs but not with Cameron at the helm. It’s pretty pointless voting for them anyway in a safe Labour seat but I shan’t even make the token gesture next year. I shall vote UKIP in the Euro’s though as that’s proportional so at least my vote will count. Ironic that the Euro elections are the most democratic. If we are going to be stuck with permanent coalition we may as well move to a proportional representative system at Westminster. The longer we have these weak party leaders that can’t ever command a majority in the House of Commons the more legitimacy there is for a PR voting system.


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