Liberal Democrat Meltdown

I don’t vote Liberal Democrat, I’m a “anything but Labour kind of girl” and I do mean ANYTHING. It looks like the Lib Dems are going into a death spiral. For such a small party they do seem to have had a disproportionate amount of scandals and cock ups. Huhne, Laws, some guy with a beard hiding in the Caribbean (I can’t remember the details), another guy with a beard who had straying hands ! Wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher who said never trust a man with a beard ? Maybe she was onto something. Now this latest soap opera that has finally got rid of that annoying left winger Matthew Oakeshott. Oakeshott is the kind of guy I really detest, he has the luxury of being able to promote left wing policies knowing that when they fail, (which they will) he is protected by his already substantial wealth. Anyway he has shown how duplicitous he is and at the same time scuppered Vince The Cables chances of ever being leader. So who does that leave to succeed Nick Clegg ? Ta da……. Tim Farron, OMG, please it’s nothing personal but a wet weekend in Wigan would be more exciting than having Tim Farron trying to enthuse you. So my advice to the Liberal Democrats is stick with Clegg until the election, take the beating on the chin, (it’s gonna happen anyway, it’s too late now) and then start afresh with none of the above.
Get rid of Clegg, get rid of Cable, flush out all that rubbish and elect Jeremy Browne as your leader, charismatic, right age, no baggage, good speaker. Remember Aleysha told you first.


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