The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a student from Vancouver who in early 2013 went on vacation to Los Angeles. She traveled alone and was staying in the infamous Cecil Hotel. What happened to her was truly shocking but the video footage released of her in the hotel elevator has made this one of the most fascinating and most talked about suspicious deaths ever. She arrived at the Cecil Hotel on January 26th 2013 and went missing on 31st January. Shortly after that guests started complaining about low water pressure and foul tasting water. When the water tanks were checked they found the naked body of Elisa Lam in one of the tanks. Now, you’d think this was a clear cut case of murder but the police only ever treated it as a “suspicious death” and not a homicide. What makes the case so intriguing is her actions in the elevator, watch the video and see what you think:

Now there has been a whole load of conspiracy theories, some question her state of mind, some suggest she was talking to a ghost, people question the eccentric behaviour in the elevator. There are suggestions that she committed suicide !! How could she have stripped naked, got onto the roof without tripping an alarm, opened a huge water tank lid and climbed in ? That’s ridiculous.
I’ve studied the video very carefully and here’s my take on things. This elevator is on the right of two elevators as you look into the corridor. The up/down button outside is therefore on the left of screen. Elisa approaches from the left bends down low to see the buttons as she is short sighted and doesn’t have her glasses. She waits for the lift to close it doesn’t. The strange behaviour from 00:20 to 00:40 is an exaggeration for the benefit of the camera. She is telling us the viewers that somebody is outside and is preventing the lift moving by pushing the up/down button outside.
It’s almost like she knew she had a stalker/stalkers after her. I believe there are two people outside the lift, to her right and left preventing her from escaping. At 1:01 she steps outside the lift to talk to the person on her left. She is constantly looking left to right as though there are two people she is engaging with. At 1:32 she re-enters the lift clearly distressed and attempts to close the door, but is unable to because of the persons outside. At 1:54 she re-engages with both people outside turning left and right. The extreme hand gestures again are for the benefit of the camera. I believe this may be some form of sign language and would appreciate it if any signers could try and interpret it. At 2:28 knowing she has no choice she goes with whoever these people were. The person on the right waiting for the lift door to close before following.

This was the last time she was seen alive. The reason so many conspiracy theories sprung up is because the police never treated it as murder, it’s truly bizarre. Her clothes were never found ! Why didn’t she have her glasses on, she is very short sighted ?

I then found an article on Reddit that describes the experience of somebody else staying at the Cecil Hotel. Here is what they say:
“You are all making me angry with these stupid conspiracies. How many of you have ever been to skid row? How many of you have ever tried booking a hotel in Los Angeles and the Cecil was top of the list as the cheapest per night? None of you commenting are taking her death as hard as I am because I lived in the Cecil for a month before escaping my own death. Last summer, I ran away after dropping out of college and ended up at the cecil because it was all I could afford. While I was there, I was nearly raped, assaulted, charged for possession, theft, and fraud. I was robbed and my life was threatened. The police would not help me and so I went into hiding days before my flight would leave. Her death effects me because no one knows more about what you experience there more than the ones who actually stayed there! There is no evil cult! Only a god damn sex offender on the 10th floor who calls himself Alvin Taylor and his adopted son Aiden who is a definitely a manipulative criminal who will do anything for money and who I also suspect in this case with Elisa… I’m speaking out about this because I honestly do believe that he is still trying to find me and I honestly do believe that her death is involved with him. The man that the girl named, Alvin Taylor, is a name that pops up a lot in conjunction to this case (not directly, but I believe he was interviewed, photographed and video taped by various news agencies). I remember even seeing videos of the guy showing reporters around his roof at the Cecil right after Elisa Lam’s body was discovered on youtube. At the time, I remember wondering what the guy had to do with the case since it didn’t seem like he had known who she was or anything.”

An unwillingness by the police to properly investigate this case has led to this plethora of theories. There is one strange “coincidence” though. Around the same time there was an outbreak of TB in Los Angeles amongst the poor and homeless. The test that they use to check for TB is called the Lam Elisa.


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  1. Vickie Taylor no relation says :

    Yes,I know about Mr Alvin Taylor my son was a victim of Mr Alvin Taylor ,from time my son was six till he was ten ,he was raped repeatedly he would not tell out fear,till this day justice has not been served

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