When is an Escort Agency not an Agency ?

When it’s a directory right ? Well it seems you guys need a lesson in the basics when looking for an escort. Let’s start with the types of websites that you might visit. The first and most obvious type is the Escort Agency. This should do exactly what it says on the tin, the website should act as an introduction agent between you and the escort lady (or gentleman) of your choice. They build up a clientele that they can quickly use to introduce to new escorts and a list of ladies available for you to access. They can provide a certain degree of security, for example not allowing abusive clients to use the agency again and also not listing escorts who don’t turn up or who are not suitable for whatever reason. Their websites will usually have a single phone number, either mobile or land line and an email address. Most also have an online booking form. If you’re looking for a good quality escort agency then try 24carat-escorts.com
Now, the next category of website is the Escort Directory, these simply list independent and in some cases agency escorts that you can contact directly. They don’t play any part in the booking of the escort or take any payment on behalf of the escort. Each escort will have her own phone number or email address listed on her page and they will be different for every escort. That’s one way to spot the difference between an agency and a directory. There are many escort directories around and new ones are popping up every year. You should try to stick to long established escort directories like vixen-escorts.com for example, this one has been around for 17 years.
The third and final category of escort website are what I would call Hybrid Escort Agencies. They may look like directories but they are really agencies. So how do they pull this off ? Well they will look like a directory in that each escort will have a different phone number and email address but in reality these phone numbers will likely all start with the same 5 digits, the numbers are redirected to the escorts phone and controlled by the hybrid website, they will charge the escort a big monthly fee. If she leaves the website her number gets cut and she doesn’t get any calls. There aren’t too many of these around and probably for good reason but I’d steer clear of those types of escort websites if you see them.


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