WTF Big Brother 2014

Is it me or is this years Big Brother just the worst ever. I’m a Big Brother fan having watched every series apart from the first one. I can remember Helen and “I like blinking I do”. But this year I am struggling to get into it at all. Each year there is somebody that is either really quirky, really weird, sexy or attractive or really funny but this year none of the people in the house have any of those qualities. Whoever did housemate selection this year needs to think again. Chris is mildly amusing but in any other year he would have been classed as “the boring one”. There was one ray of sunshine and that was Toya A Washington. When she went into the house she was bright and bubbly and funny but even she was dampened down by the mood that overwhelmed Boreham Wood. Until she let loose with Hurricane Toya which was just hilarious. But the great British public in their continuing idiocy voted her out ! She proved when she appeared on BBOTS how entertaining she could have been.

I’ve noticed a trend in housemate selection since Channel 5 took the show over. They seem to be selecting housemates that are almost “semi celebrities”, for example, this year you have Ash who is a professional male model, Helen Wood who has appeared on This Morning and been all over the papers for bonking Rooney. Danielle has appeared in documentaries before about glamour modeling. Pauline has sung and danced on a Kylie video. These are not your ordinary Joe Public people. Last year Gina Rio and Dexter Koh similarly were very well known prior to entering the house. I can see why they are being selected, it’s because they are an easy cross sell to the other papers and magazines that Richard Desmond owns but they don’t necessarily make great housemates. I think Channel 5 are trying to over engineer the show and they should get back to selecting people off the street then maybe we’d find some gems like Nicki Graham and Makosi again.


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