Big Brother Basics

I haven’t blogged for a while, maybe it’s been the warm weather but seriously, last night’s Big Brother result has really got me all steamed up. It’s about time the people running the show at BB got their head out of their ass and got back to basics. BB is a game show, a variety of people live together in a house, they “secretly” nominate each week and the public decides who gets evicted. That’s how it works. What is the point of giving somebody a free pass to the final from Day 1 ?! It would be like going on Deal or no Deal and being told what was in your box before the game started.

BB tries to be far too clever by half, I still like the show but they are really trying the loyalty of their fans. Paul from the BBOTS audience was correct the other night when he criticised the evicted housemates going back into the house and I think Emma Willis agreed with him judging by her high 5.

Now to Helen Wood, did she deserve to win, NO. She’s been a “gobby” aggressive individual who would have been evicted weeks ago had she not got the free pass. We can thank Pauline for that one. Hurricane Toya had one bust up, (which was actually very funny) and she was booted the very next eviction. Big Brother has twisted the show to the point where it has no point. What is the point of having a format where the people you want out can’t be voted out ?

Helen played a very good “poor me, poor me” game in the last 10 days, aided by the BB production team and suitably emotional incidental music, which is another thing they need to stop. Helen should not have even been in the civilian Big Brother, she bonked Wayne Rooney, has been plastered all over the papers and been interviewed on This Morning by Philip Schofield. She has more Celebrity status than some of those going in the house this coming Monday.

Rant over, NO, what bright spark thought Luisa Zissman was a better alternative than AJ Odudu on BBOTS ? Seriously, presenting is not her strong point, she makes me Zzzzzzzz man ! Get Toya A Washington presenting next year if you have the balls BBOTS.

Anyway, maybe there’s room for improvement with the next Celebrity Big Brother on Monday. Rumour has it that White Dee will be going in and is actually favourite to win already. Just goes to show, being on benefits really does pay !



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