Reckless By Name and Reckless By Nature

So Mark Reckless has defected to UKIP. I have mixed feelings about these defections, I don’t like David Cameron and won’t vote Tory so long as he is their leader but I would prefer a Tory government to a hapless Labour one led by Milliband. I think the next general election will be the most interesting one of my lifetime. Whatever the polls are telling you now they will narrow as the election gets closer and the result will be genuinely too close to call.

I don’t think either Labour or the Conservatives will win an overall majority so we will end up with another hung parliament (helped by UKIP). Now either party could be the biggest by just a small number of seats. What is really interesting is what happens to the Lib Dems. If they lose a lot of seats as the general consensus seems to imply and UKIP gain a handful then there are many combinations possible. If the Tories are the largest party they might end up doing a deal with UKIP and Ulster Unionist MP’s rather than the Lib Dems. Of course it all comes down to the numbers involved but UKIP have made politics quite exciting again.


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