Explaining Dogging

I was speaking to an American girlfriend of mine last week and I happened to mention that during the summer time I went “dogging”. She paused for a second and said ” you took the dog for a walk”. No I said, “I had sex with two strangers in a car park”. Well she was gob smacked to say the least. She’d never heard of anything called dogging.
So I had to explain to her what it was. I told her that it was a uniquely British pastime. A slang term for taking part in sex acts in public or semi public places with other people watching. It usually happens in car parks and often at night. There are signals that people in cars use such as flashing their headlights or leaving their interior lights on.
I’ve been dogging before but not very often and I only ever do it in the summer when it’s a nice warm evening. It was back in August and I was walking along a quiet country road close to my home and as I went past the local pubs car park I saw two cars parked up with a guy in each one. I doubled back and walked into the car park taking extra care to swing my hips and make my arse look sexy in my tight jeans. One guy flashed his headlights so I walked over to his car and he was playing with his cock under the steering wheel. I asked him if he wanted a hand and he smiled eagerly.
I opened the car door and knelt down taking his cock into my mouth and wanking it vigourously. As I was doing this I hadn’t noticed the bloke in the other car had got out and had come up behind me and was rubbing his erection against my back. Anyway it all got very filthy and I finished them both off. If you want some Dogging Action then that car park is a very good place to go to.
Dogging Action


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