What Do I Want For Christmas

Looking like I do means that I get asked out quite a lot by guys (and some girls too 🙂 So as you’ve probably guessed I have dated a lot of men and the thing that bugs me sometimes is when they go to buy you a birthday or Christmas present and they think they can buy you lingerie. They toddle off to Victorias Secret or somewhere and come back with something that’s either the wrong size or the most hideous colour.
The problem with men buying lingerie is that they always buy what they would like to see us in, in other words they look at a picture in a catalogue and if they get a stiffy they think “oh Aleysha would look good in that, what a great idea for a present”. Well I have news for you, that’s a sure fire way to getting dumped. So maybe the latest guy I’m seeing might last a bit longer. It was my birthday recently and he bought me a £250 lingerie gift voucher from VX Boutique. It’s an online store where I can now choose £250 worth of sexy lingerie completely for free, I just tap in my voucher code and it’s all done.
I can peruse at my leisure selecting the style, colour and brand that I want. What’s even better is that they’ve just started selling those amazing premium quality Lelo sex toys so I might stick one of those on the list too, just in case this latest guy doesn’t last long.
G World Lingerie


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