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Got The Hots For A Blonde Crossdresser

I’m a very promiscuous woman, I’ve slept with hundreds of people but lately I’ve been a bit confused as I’ve really got the hots for a blonde crossdresser from Brighton. Her name is Nikki Nicole and she gets me really wet between the legs when I see her pictures or download her porn clips. She looks very feminine and cute and her makeup skills are excellent, her breast forms look totally authentic too. I just want to bed her, I know she has a cock and usually that is what would turn me on but it’s the feminine side of her that is making me moist.




British Sex Contacts

Now I don’t want to sound big headed but I never have trouble pulling guys and getting a good seeing to whenever I want it. But sometimes I fancy a night with another sexy lady and that’s not always so easy to achieve. So over the years I have joined a number of online dating websites to meet other women for casual lesbian sex. By far the most successful has been Vixen Adult Contacts, it’s a British Sex Contacts website that has tens of thousands of REAL MEMBERS, they have a very stringent system that ensures you are meeting only genuine people. It’s basic option is FREE and you can upgrade accordingly to it’s premium options depending on what you are looking for. I’ve met many a horny babe through this website and would recommend it 100% as the best British swinging contacts website. It’s also part of the Vixen Escorts network and they’ve been around nearly 20 years so you know you’re getting a quality service here.

What Do I Want For Christmas

Looking like I do means that I get asked out quite a lot by guys (and some girls too 🙂 So as you’ve probably guessed I have dated a lot of men and the thing that bugs me sometimes is when they go to buy you a birthday or Christmas present and they think they can buy you lingerie. They toddle off to Victorias Secret or somewhere and come back with something that’s either the wrong size or the most hideous colour.
The problem with men buying lingerie is that they always buy what they would like to see us in, in other words they look at a picture in a catalogue and if they get a stiffy they think “oh Aleysha would look good in that, what a great idea for a present”. Well I have news for you, that’s a sure fire way to getting dumped. So maybe the latest guy I’m seeing might last a bit longer. It was my birthday recently and he bought me a £250 lingerie gift voucher from VX Boutique. It’s an online store where I can now choose £250 worth of sexy lingerie completely for free, I just tap in my voucher code and it’s all done.
I can peruse at my leisure selecting the style, colour and brand that I want. What’s even better is that they’ve just started selling those amazing premium quality Lelo sex toys so I might stick one of those on the list too, just in case this latest guy doesn’t last long.
G World Lingerie

Explaining Dogging

I was speaking to an American girlfriend of mine last week and I happened to mention that during the summer time I went “dogging”. She paused for a second and said ” you took the dog for a walk”. No I said, “I had sex with two strangers in a car park”. Well she was gob smacked to say the least. She’d never heard of anything called dogging.
So I had to explain to her what it was. I told her that it was a uniquely British pastime. A slang term for taking part in sex acts in public or semi public places with other people watching. It usually happens in car parks and often at night. There are signals that people in cars use such as flashing their headlights or leaving their interior lights on.
I’ve been dogging before but not very often and I only ever do it in the summer when it’s a nice warm evening. It was back in August and I was walking along a quiet country road close to my home and as I went past the local pubs car park I saw two cars parked up with a guy in each one. I doubled back and walked into the car park taking extra care to swing my hips and make my arse look sexy in my tight jeans. One guy flashed his headlights so I walked over to his car and he was playing with his cock under the steering wheel. I asked him if he wanted a hand and he smiled eagerly.
I opened the car door and knelt down taking his cock into my mouth and wanking it vigourously. As I was doing this I hadn’t noticed the bloke in the other car had got out and had come up behind me and was rubbing his erection against my back. Anyway it all got very filthy and I finished them both off. If you want some Dogging Action then that car park is a very good place to go to.
Dogging Action

Reckless By Name and Reckless By Nature

So Mark Reckless has defected to UKIP. I have mixed feelings about these defections, I don’t like David Cameron and won’t vote Tory so long as he is their leader but I would prefer a Tory government to a hapless Labour one led by Milliband. I think the next general election will be the most interesting one of my lifetime. Whatever the polls are telling you now they will narrow as the election gets closer and the result will be genuinely too close to call.

I don’t think either Labour or the Conservatives will win an overall majority so we will end up with another hung parliament (helped by UKIP). Now either party could be the biggest by just a small number of seats. What is really interesting is what happens to the Lib Dems. If they lose a lot of seats as the general consensus seems to imply and UKIP gain a handful then there are many combinations possible. If the Tories are the largest party they might end up doing a deal with UKIP and Ulster Unionist MP’s rather than the Lib Dems. Of course it all comes down to the numbers involved but UKIP have made politics quite exciting again.

Big Brother Basics

I haven’t blogged for a while, maybe it’s been the warm weather but seriously, last night’s Big Brother result has really got me all steamed up. It’s about time the people running the show at BB got their head out of their ass and got back to basics. BB is a game show, a variety of people live together in a house, they “secretly” nominate each week and the public decides who gets evicted. That’s how it works. What is the point of giving somebody a free pass to the final from Day 1 ?! It would be like going on Deal or no Deal and being told what was in your box before the game started.

BB tries to be far too clever by half, I still like the show but they are really trying the loyalty of their fans. Paul from the BBOTS audience was correct the other night when he criticised the evicted housemates going back into the house and I think Emma Willis agreed with him judging by her high 5.

Now to Helen Wood, did she deserve to win, NO. She’s been a “gobby” aggressive individual who would have been evicted weeks ago had she not got the free pass. We can thank Pauline for that one. Hurricane Toya had one bust up, (which was actually very funny) and she was booted the very next eviction. Big Brother has twisted the show to the point where it has no point. What is the point of having a format where the people you want out can’t be voted out ?

Helen played a very good “poor me, poor me” game in the last 10 days, aided by the BB production team and suitably emotional incidental music, which is another thing they need to stop. Helen should not have even been in the civilian Big Brother, she bonked Wayne Rooney, has been plastered all over the papers and been interviewed on This Morning by Philip Schofield. She has more Celebrity status than some of those going in the house this coming Monday.

Rant over, NO, what bright spark thought Luisa Zissman was a better alternative than AJ Odudu on BBOTS ? Seriously, presenting is not her strong point, she makes me Zzzzzzzz man ! Get Toya A Washington presenting next year if you have the balls BBOTS.

Anyway, maybe there’s room for improvement with the next Celebrity Big Brother on Monday. Rumour has it that White Dee will be going in and is actually favourite to win already. Just goes to show, being on benefits really does pay !


WTF Big Brother 2014

Is it me or is this years Big Brother just the worst ever. I’m a Big Brother fan having watched every series apart from the first one. I can remember Helen and “I like blinking I do”. But this year I am struggling to get into it at all. Each year there is somebody that is either really quirky, really weird, sexy or attractive or really funny but this year none of the people in the house have any of those qualities. Whoever did housemate selection this year needs to think again. Chris is mildly amusing but in any other year he would have been classed as “the boring one”. There was one ray of sunshine and that was Toya A Washington. When she went into the house she was bright and bubbly and funny but even she was dampened down by the mood that overwhelmed Boreham Wood. Until she let loose with Hurricane Toya which was just hilarious. But the great British public in their continuing idiocy voted her out ! She proved when she appeared on BBOTS how entertaining she could have been.

I’ve noticed a trend in housemate selection since Channel 5 took the show over. They seem to be selecting housemates that are almost “semi celebrities”, for example, this year you have Ash who is a professional male model, Helen Wood who has appeared on This Morning and been all over the papers for bonking Rooney. Danielle has appeared in documentaries before about glamour modeling. Pauline has sung and danced on a Kylie video. These are not your ordinary Joe Public people. Last year Gina Rio and Dexter Koh similarly were very well known prior to entering the house. I can see why they are being selected, it’s because they are an easy cross sell to the other papers and magazines that Richard Desmond owns but they don’t necessarily make great housemates. I think Channel 5 are trying to over engineer the show and they should get back to selecting people off the street then maybe we’d find some gems like Nicki Graham and Makosi again.