When is an Escort Agency not an Agency ?

When it’s a directory right ? Well it seems you guys need a lesson in the basics when looking for an escort. Let’s start with the types of websites that you might visit. The first and most obvious type is the Escort Agency. This should do exactly what it says on the tin, the website should act as an introduction agent between you and the escort lady (or gentleman) of your choice. They build up a clientele that they can quickly use to introduce to new escorts and a list of ladies available for you to access. They can provide a certain degree of security, for example not allowing abusive clients to use the agency again and also not listing escorts who don’t turn up or who are not suitable for whatever reason. Their websites will usually have a single phone number, either mobile or land line and an email address. Most also have an online booking form. If you’re looking for a good quality escort agency then try 24carat-escorts.com
Now, the next category of website is the Escort Directory, these simply list independent and in some cases agency escorts that you can contact directly. They don’t play any part in the booking of the escort or take any payment on behalf of the escort. Each escort will have her own phone number or email address listed on her page and they will be different for every escort. That’s one way to spot the difference between an agency and a directory. There are many escort directories around and new ones are popping up every year. You should try to stick to long established escort directories like vixen-escorts.com for example, this one has been around for 17 years.
The third and final category of escort website are what I would call Hybrid Escort Agencies. They may look like directories but they are really agencies. So how do they pull this off ? Well they will look like a directory in that each escort will have a different phone number and email address but in reality these phone numbers will likely all start with the same 5 digits, the numbers are redirected to the escorts phone and controlled by the hybrid website, they will charge the escort a big monthly fee. If she leaves the website her number gets cut and she doesn’t get any calls. There aren’t too many of these around and probably for good reason but I’d steer clear of those types of escort websites if you see them.


Liberal Democrat Meltdown

I don’t vote Liberal Democrat, I’m a “anything but Labour kind of girl” and I do mean ANYTHING. It looks like the Lib Dems are going into a death spiral. For such a small party they do seem to have had a disproportionate amount of scandals and cock ups. Huhne, Laws, some guy with a beard hiding in the Caribbean (I can’t remember the details), another guy with a beard who had straying hands ! Wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher who said never trust a man with a beard ? Maybe she was onto something. Now this latest soap opera that has finally got rid of that annoying left winger Matthew Oakeshott. Oakeshott is the kind of guy I really detest, he has the luxury of being able to promote left wing policies knowing that when they fail, (which they will) he is protected by his already substantial wealth. Anyway he has shown how duplicitous he is and at the same time scuppered Vince The Cables chances of ever being leader. So who does that leave to succeed Nick Clegg ? Ta da……. Tim Farron, OMG, please it’s nothing personal but a wet weekend in Wigan would be more exciting than having Tim Farron trying to enthuse you. So my advice to the Liberal Democrats is stick with Clegg until the election, take the beating on the chin, (it’s gonna happen anyway, it’s too late now) and then start afresh with none of the above.
Get rid of Clegg, get rid of Cable, flush out all that rubbish and elect Jeremy Browne as your leader, charismatic, right age, no baggage, good speaker. Remember Aleysha told you first.

The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a student from Vancouver who in early 2013 went on vacation to Los Angeles. She traveled alone and was staying in the infamous Cecil Hotel. What happened to her was truly shocking but the video footage released of her in the hotel elevator has made this one of the most fascinating and most talked about suspicious deaths ever. She arrived at the Cecil Hotel on January 26th 2013 and went missing on 31st January. Shortly after that guests started complaining about low water pressure and foul tasting water. When the water tanks were checked they found the naked body of Elisa Lam in one of the tanks. Now, you’d think this was a clear cut case of murder but the police only ever treated it as a “suspicious death” and not a homicide. What makes the case so intriguing is her actions in the elevator, watch the video and see what you think:

Now there has been a whole load of conspiracy theories, some question her state of mind, some suggest she was talking to a ghost, people question the eccentric behaviour in the elevator. There are suggestions that she committed suicide !! How could she have stripped naked, got onto the roof without tripping an alarm, opened a huge water tank lid and climbed in ? That’s ridiculous.
I’ve studied the video very carefully and here’s my take on things. This elevator is on the right of two elevators as you look into the corridor. The up/down button outside is therefore on the left of screen. Elisa approaches from the left bends down low to see the buttons as she is short sighted and doesn’t have her glasses. She waits for the lift to close it doesn’t. The strange behaviour from 00:20 to 00:40 is an exaggeration for the benefit of the camera. She is telling us the viewers that somebody is outside and is preventing the lift moving by pushing the up/down button outside.
It’s almost like she knew she had a stalker/stalkers after her. I believe there are two people outside the lift, to her right and left preventing her from escaping. At 1:01 she steps outside the lift to talk to the person on her left. She is constantly looking left to right as though there are two people she is engaging with. At 1:32 she re-enters the lift clearly distressed and attempts to close the door, but is unable to because of the persons outside. At 1:54 she re-engages with both people outside turning left and right. The extreme hand gestures again are for the benefit of the camera. I believe this may be some form of sign language and would appreciate it if any signers could try and interpret it. At 2:28 knowing she has no choice she goes with whoever these people were. The person on the right waiting for the lift door to close before following.

This was the last time she was seen alive. The reason so many conspiracy theories sprung up is because the police never treated it as murder, it’s truly bizarre. Her clothes were never found ! Why didn’t she have her glasses on, she is very short sighted ?

I then found an article on Reddit that describes the experience of somebody else staying at the Cecil Hotel. Here is what they say:
“You are all making me angry with these stupid conspiracies. How many of you have ever been to skid row? How many of you have ever tried booking a hotel in Los Angeles and the Cecil was top of the list as the cheapest per night? None of you commenting are taking her death as hard as I am because I lived in the Cecil for a month before escaping my own death. Last summer, I ran away after dropping out of college and ended up at the cecil because it was all I could afford. While I was there, I was nearly raped, assaulted, charged for possession, theft, and fraud. I was robbed and my life was threatened. The police would not help me and so I went into hiding days before my flight would leave. Her death effects me because no one knows more about what you experience there more than the ones who actually stayed there! There is no evil cult! Only a god damn sex offender on the 10th floor who calls himself Alvin Taylor and his adopted son Aiden who is a definitely a manipulative criminal who will do anything for money and who I also suspect in this case with Elisa… I’m speaking out about this because I honestly do believe that he is still trying to find me and I honestly do believe that her death is involved with him. The man that the girl named, Alvin Taylor, is a name that pops up a lot in conjunction to this case (not directly, but I believe he was interviewed, photographed and video taped by various news agencies). I remember even seeing videos of the guy showing reporters around his roof at the Cecil right after Elisa Lam’s body was discovered on youtube. At the time, I remember wondering what the guy had to do with the case since it didn’t seem like he had known who she was or anything.”

An unwillingness by the police to properly investigate this case has led to this plethora of theories. There is one strange “coincidence” though. Around the same time there was an outbreak of TB in Los Angeles amongst the poor and homeless. The test that they use to check for TB is called the Lam Elisa.

BBC3 Porn

I’m going to watch a programme tonight on BBC3, it’s another one of those real life “porn” documentaries. These seem to be all the rage now, generally it’ll either be on BBC3, Channel 4 or Channel 5 and will involve a so called “real life” look at whatever subject they are covering. Recently I’ve seen dogging, stripping, escorting, prostitution and loads of different porn ones. I don’t suppose this one will be anything particularly different to what I’ve already seen although it is being presented by Tyger Drew Honey, the son of veteran porn producer Ben Dover. What a name ? “Tyger” and spelt with a “WHY ?” LOL. Quite often these shows give a distorted and usually detrimental view of the industry. I suppose it’s only the extremes of any job that make it interesting and whilst these shows regularly judge an industry they do keep on producing them because they know titillation sells. The other main reason I’m watching it is being strongly bisexual I do have a thing for busty blondes and the show features British blonde porn actress Brooklyn Blue. Blondes with big boobs do make me go weak at the knees. I once had a three year lesbian affair with a busty blonde but that’s for another post or maybe even another blogging platform 🙂

General Election 2015

I’m quite looking forward to the UK General Election in 2015, I think the dynamics of it will be very interesting. I think we were quite taken aback in 2010 with the formation of the first coalition government for decades but strangely, now, it’s almost as though you’d take it for granted. I think it will be the most difficult general election to call ever. A weak Ed Milliband, the UKIP factor, Lib Dems melting down ? It’s all very exciting. A lot will depend on the upcoming Euro elections and also what happens in the Scottish Independence vote. I’ve voted Conservative all my life and would have done so again if I was only voting on economic competency. However I can’t possibly bring myself to ever vote Conservative again whilst David Cameron is their leader. I’m totally opposed to his internet censorship drive and I am actually qualified to know what I’m talking about on this subject so it makes me wonder what other government initiatives result in stupid policies on matters where I’m not that knowledgeable and I just believe the line I’m being fed. I always thought the Tories were supposed to be bastions of free will, would get off our backs but not with Cameron at the helm. It’s pretty pointless voting for them anyway in a safe Labour seat but I shan’t even make the token gesture next year. I shall vote UKIP in the Euro’s though as that’s proportional so at least my vote will count. Ironic that the Euro elections are the most democratic. If we are going to be stuck with permanent coalition we may as well move to a proportional representative system at Westminster. The longer we have these weak party leaders that can’t ever command a majority in the House of Commons the more legitimacy there is for a PR voting system.

The City of Dreaming Spires

The City of Oxford lies in central southern England. It is the county town of Oxfordshire and forms a district within the county, surrounded by a ring road. It has a population of 151,234, and that makes it the 50th largest city in the United Kingdom. Oxford lies within the Oxford metropolitan area with a population of 247,000. It is one of Britain’s fastest growing cities in terms of population and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United Kingdom. Oxford has a diverse economic base. Its industries include motor manufacturing, education, publishing, and a large number of information technology and science-based businesses. It also has a thriving tourist industry with overseas visitors traveling up from London just 67 miles away. Indeed Oxford Airport was recently renamed Oxford London Airport given it’s close proximity to London. The city is known worldwide as a university town, home to both the University of Oxford (the oldest university in the English-speaking world) and Oxford Brookes University. Buildings in Oxford demonstrate examples of every English architectural period since the arrival of the Saxons, including the iconic, mid-18th-century Radcliffe Camera. Oxford is known as the “City of Dreaming Spires“, a term coined by the poet Matthew Arnold in his poem Thyrsis. The River Thames flows through the center of the City and often floods residential areas close by during periods of heavy rain. Oxford is a semi rural city with quite large open green areas of meadow and parkland. These act as flood plains for the River Thames. University buildings are located in the center of the city and the industrial and mainly urban areas are to the east.

Coquette Celebrates 35 Years

I just noticed today that my favourite lingerie manufacturer and where I get all my stockings from is the same age as me, how weird, we’re both 19 ! LOL I wish, actually we’re both 35. Coquette, a Canadian firm recently celebrated their 35th year at The International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas. I do love their huge range of lingerie and leg wear. They used the show to exhibit their new range for 2014 and show off their design techniques. Coquette is an international distributor of lingerie and costumes founded in Canada. Since 1979, the company has delivered high quality collections that entail diversity of styles while captivating a realistic feminine appeal.

Coquette has become the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of lingerie in Canada and has expanded into the international market as a major distributor of intimate apparel, serving over 64 countries. What makes Coquette unique is the diversity of styles featured in its collections that fit any lifestyle, occasion, figure or taste. Coquette is proud to offer delicate and uniquely designed lingerie in its collections, ranging in styles from romantic to risqué. Along with their main collection they have a range of additonal collections which are, Masquerade, Darque, Kissable, Holiday and Spellbound. Even the meaning of the word Coquette describes me, it means….“a woman who flirts girlishly with men to gain their admiration”